A spirit level is an essential tool for bricklayers, carpenters, stonemasons and people in the construction business in general. Hence, we’ve integrated a new member to our product line.

Our new levels, with an innovative and effective design, have a strong structure made of aluminum, available in different colors to match the customers preferences.

We have a variety of sizes, colors and functions to let customers choose the best option for their tasks.

The most attractive features are its strong magnets, LED light to work in dark conditions, multiple angle-vials, screw lock function and its portability.



Check the details as follows:


news 220mm billet torpedo level 1   news 200mm billet torpedo level 1   news 8inch billet torpedo level 1   news 6inch billet torpedo level 1   news 2.5inch billet torpedo level 1   news bending level 1

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