KLAYMOR™ is a brand of hand tools designed for global professional users. Its main products are used for automobiles, aviation, electronics, and machinery maintenance.

The KLAYMOR™ brand is derived from the famous medieval sword Claymore, and its name is derived from Gaelic Claidheamh-mor, which means "great sword". Just like its brand name, it conveys the meaning of powerness, strength, and home-protecting. The same characteristics as the Claymore sword define KLAYMOR's product line. The design of the KLAYMOR™ logo is inspired by the smooth lines of the edge of the sword. Its edge blacksmith casting and sharpening technology represents the most professional tool made by the spirit of exquisite craftsmanship.


The spirit of KLAYMOR™ craftsmanship creates new designs for high-quality life. With strength, sturdiness and technology, we continue to develop products with high quality, modern designs and manufacturing and services to find customer needs and problems, and provide them with the most professional products and the best quality experience.


KLAYMOR™ products are manufactured by EASEN HARDWARE CORPORATION, a well-known hand tool manufacturer in Taiwan. Established in 1983, EASEN has long-term cooperation with world-renowned companies in Europe, America and other countries. Its product line includes professional manufacture of socket wrench sets, tool sets and other related parts. EASEN has more than 35 years of experience in product development and manufacturing. Its greatest strength comes from innovative tool kits, accessories and other hand tools, as well as its experience in long-term cooperation with international manufacturers to produce products that meet KLAYMOR™ diversity and high quality, Durable and reasonably priced products.


EASEN insists on developing, designing and providing customers with the highest quality products. Through all employees participating in design, sample production, inspection and production, and ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, EASEN provides customers with high-quality and competitive prices.


KLAYMOR's professional quality requirements will make you feel the progress of a new generation of hand tools. The special design allows you to easily and safely complete the maintenance of machinery, equipment or vehicles. KLAYMOR's innovative design locks every little detail in your life, and works with you to protect your home and create a new experience of a better life.

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